Eliza's Fancy
a faery romance
Parts Four and Five

Zachary Harper
Published by Zachary Harper
Smashwords Edition
Copyright 2012 Zachary Harper
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Cover art by Tia Rodemeyer

Eliza's Fancy

Part Four

Chapter XXVIII

Dearest Eliza!
How sweet was the ground
when you lay your head down
on a bed of leaves
fresh fallen, still green,
and as warmly comforting
as your loyal friends
who, through dangers yet untold,
had recklessly traveled
under angry stars
and glowering moon
to pluck you safe
from unseen doom.

But once more the night
brought restless sleep,
like a meadow filled
with unwitting sheep
who smell on once sweet air
a wolf’s bloody breath
and with sudden fear,,
having thoughts of death,
break the serenity
with bleats like screams
though the shepherd can
no danger yet see.

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