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Healing from Heaven will astound you with its remarkable stories of emotional and physical healing through connection with those on the “other side.” Dr. Daniel Ryan is a gifted healer and medium who takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. This book will convince you that the soul never dies and lives on in all of us.”

Susan Heim, Author and Editor for the best-selling

Chicken Soup for the Soul series

“Healing from Heaven is for anyone who has grown to suspect that there is more to this existence than what meets the eye. Daniel’s straightforward explanation of dimensions mystics have long understood, but scientists are only now beginning to detect, is an accessible, fascinating handbook to peeling back the layers of our loud world and experiencing our true delicate reality for yourself.”

Mark DeCarlo, TV Host, Author, A Fork on the Road

“Daniel is a gifted seeker, healer, and writer. Healing from Heaven shares his journey into metaphysical realms and gives voice to the deeply healing power of our own sensitivity and creative awareness.”

Chris Paine, Director, “Who Killed the Electric Car?”

“… a true healer in every sense of the word.”

Randy Rogers, Author

The Key of Life, A Metaphysical Investigation

“Twenty years ago I suffered with the idea that being incapacitated was never very far away. Then one day a friend said, 'I’ve met a real healer, you should check him out.'

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