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The young boys had nowhere to go, no one to trust.

Victims at twelve, they could not comprehend the systematic abuse and excruciating pain. They cried until there were no more tears left – then they escaped!

An engrossing story of priests, paedophilia and murder could be anywhere where institutions have ignored or covered up for the predators in their ranks preying on boys in their care.

The families exhibit all the colour and harshness of life in post-war inner Sydney. Alcohol and austerity, petty crime and truancy add to the severity of their early lives. A rapid progression into the welfare system, aggravated by bureaucracy and a lack of compassion, control or interest, the boys were sent to a church-run boys' home adjacent to a Roman Catholic Seminary.

The association the priests and seminarians had with the home, made for an explosive mix. The inevitable occurred – boys were abused. The failure of the church hierarchy to ensure the safety of the boys in the care of their priests and subsequent concealment by the celibate hierarchy – provides the background

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