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High School... I didn't miss it. Pimply faced boys, rail thin girls, makeup over done with clothes on skimpier than what I wore under my simple outfits alone. I avoided the gawking looks I received from these teenagers, making my way into the main office, my daughter's cell phone in hand. Call me overprotective, but she was going on an overnight field trip tonight, and I wanted to make sure she carried it with her. When I'd bought us identical Blackberry's, two months earlier, I hadn't expected the ginormous thousand dollar bill I'd received our first month. Overage fees and download charges had cost her the luxury of having the phone for the next month, and I'd forgotten to give it back to her this morning.

The office was a mad house in and of itself, staff and teenagers milling about, waiting to be helped or seen. I pulled my own matching purple phone from my pocket, checking the time, noting that it was almost the end of the school day. The buses would be leaving for the senior field trip in another hour. Twenty minutes later and I was finally bumped forward by a scrawny looking boy behind me, the secretary's face agitated as I explained to her where I needed the phone to go. She snatched it from my hand without a word, scribbling down my daughter's name on a piece of paper and taping it to the device. I thought better of asking her again to make sure she got it right, her eyes now rolling at me as she called for the next person in line. I tucked my own purple Blackberry back in my coat pocket as I exited the school without a backwards glance. High School....nope... I sure didn't miss it!

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