Cemetery of the Living Dead

Drac Von Stoller

Copyright 2011 by: Drac Von Stoller

Smashwords Edition

Johnny was Gravendale's grave digger and embalmer who loved his job, especially picking a special spot that he thought the deceased would be proud to be buried at. Johnny was a little weird because during the embalming process, he would sit beside the cold slab the body was lying on, and as he was inserting the hose into the deceased body to drain their blood, he would read stories to them and talk to them as though they were still alive.

After all the visiting relatives of the deceased were gone and Johnny locked the cemetery gate, he would go inside his trailer that he lived in at the cemetery, get his lantern and a book and sit down by a grave of a recent deceased person and read stories to them. Johnny thought the dead person could hear what he was saying more clearly by not burying their casket so deep, but Johnny was unaware that he was in for a big surprise for not burying the dead at the right depth.  Johnny took such good care of the dead he would make sure they were dressed properly for their burial and polish the casket.  Johnny would even pose in pictures with the deceased to put in his photo album.  Sometimes Johnny would even dig up the bodies and sit them up in their casket and talk to them about the stories he read to them.  Johnny didn't realize he was playing with fire for disturbing their final resting place.

Whenever a loved one would visit their dead they would notice the grave would look freshly dug but Johnny would say that he liked to keep the ground fresh with no weeds or grass on top. The loved ones just brushed it off as Johnny really cares for the dead. The tombstones were always clean and shiny but if the loved ones really knew what Johnny was doing with their loved one, Johnny would be in jail.

Johnny continued his readings to the dead until the dead had all they could take and the next day happened to be Friday the thirteenth and what a good day for the dead to seek revenge on Johnny. As Johnny was reading a story to one of the dead. The dead started rising up from their graves and walking towards one of the coffins Johnny was lying in as he read his story to the dead as he always did a hundred  times before. This was going to be Johnny's last story he would read to the dead. Hundred's of the dead surrounded the coffin Johnny was lying in and the dead grabbed Johnny out of the coffin and started pulling every limb from his body. Johnny was saying to the dead, how could you do this to me I took such great care of you all and this is the thanks you give me. The dead just kept pulling and tugging at his limbs until they broke apart one by one until Johnny was dead along with his stories.

The next morning all the caskets were above the ground with rotting corpses hanging out of their coffins and Johnny's body parts were scattered all over the cemetery. The police found Johnny’s book with blood splatters on the pages of his book that he loved to read to the dead. The police were also baffled at how all the caskets were above the ground and why Johnny's body was torn to shreds. There was no explanation of how all the caskets in the cemetery were above the ground and why Johnny's body was ripped to shreds. So there was no further investigation into Johnny's death and the casket's above the ground. The case was ruled as unexplainable and put into the cold case files forever.

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