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Fearless Leader


Tricia Owens

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Tricia Owens

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Fearless Leader

Black steadied his gun arm atop the hood of the electro-craft. Rain dripped steadily from the tip of his weapon and it fell like a curtain of crystals down the front of his helmet. He was soaked. He'd been in the rain for hours. A part of his body registered that it was growing numb with cold. He told that part to shut up.

"This is Juxtapose City Unit Two!" he shouted above the incessant clap of the rain. "We have cut off all of the exits. There is nowhere for you to run. Step out slowly with your hands up."

Beside him, Jake, his second-in-command, shifted position. Though his knee sank down in a puddle Jake didn't make a sound, his gun a motionless black thing sprouting from his fists.

In the wavering light of a neon sign, Riddy Kingman, smalltime Bliss dealer and frequent thorn in the side of JC2, stepped carefully from beneath the awning of the pawn shop. The electric blue lighting made his slack features look like poorly molded blue clay. Black's jaw tightened when he saw the dealer's expression. Riddy was high on his own product.

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