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A wonderful way to look at life

Sometimes you don’t realize just how much you have learned until someone points it out. That’s exactly what Gerontologist Di Patterson does.

There is a saying that some people grow wise with age, others just grow old. Di Patterson challenges this notion and, in a most enjoyable and entertaining way, suggests that we all have gained wisdom. She proves it by highlighting a range of life’s lessons from the movies.

Her sheer enthusiasm for films is infectious. Her unique view of movies as vehicles for everyday wisdom is refreshing and enjoyable.

Each of the book’s ten sections starts out with a “Tip” that is the focus of the films that follow. Each tip is both useful and something that serves as a reminder that no matter what your age or life experience, it is important to remember—and practice—principles like:

Love yourself enough to take care of yourself.


Exercise and keep those feet in motion.

Feed yourself well.

Be kind to yourself and get your rest.

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