North of the Border

By Irving Warner

Copyright © 2012 by Irving Warner

A Pleasure Boat Studio Book: New York

Smashwords Edition

At the Border

Chigger looked through the shrubbery into the open dance floor of Momma Bomba’s and watched Junior Ricardo on the stage doing his version of Chicano hip-hop. He was surrounded by whores, other hangers on and Chigger hated that rich bastard. He wished he could go over to Junior’s fancy sports car and take his baseball bat to it.

He slumped off with the bat over his shoulder—like thousands of Babe Ruth leaguers in America. But Chigger wasn’t on a team but instead guarded all the cars in Momma Bomba’s parking lot, and the bat was his weapon.

They don’t give you a gun because you’re stupid.”

This was his mother’s take on things, but she was there each morning to get the tips—that’s all Chigger earned. He worked for the tips. She didn’t like that either.

He came up to Junior Ricardo’s car during his musings and saw a man working at the driver’s door; at once his bat was up, but as he rounded the end of the car, a most horrendous knife appeared—as if out of night air. When the man turned, he wore a mask—and the way he held the knife seemed practiced, even graceful.

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