Wood Chipper

Drac Von Stoller

Copyright 2011 by: Drac Von Stoller

Smashwords Edition

Damien grew up on a farm with beautiful green pastures and lots of cattle. Just because Damien's life was the envy of his friends, Damien was dying inside because of the abuse from his father. Damien's father made him work all day in the blazing hot sun loading branches into the wood chipper. Damien was getting sick and tired of not getting anything to eat or drink all day. When Damien would ask his father if he could take a break, as tears flowed down his cheeks, Damien's father would call him names like sissy boy, your pathetic, and I don't know why you were born.  Damien's love for his father quickly grew into hatred. Whenever Damien would lay his weak body down for the night, he would dream of putting his father into the wood chipper, but Damien's anger hadn't quite reached that point yet of going through with his dream, but it sure was in the back of his mind.

As the months went by and the abuse escalated, Damien's dream about putting his father into the wood chipper was about to become a reality. Damien was taller than his father and had a stockier build, so over powering his father wouldn't be a problem. Damien decided the next morning when they were out in the field loading wood into the wood chipper, Damien would fake that his arm was hurting and that he was too weak to put anymore wood into the wood chipper.  As Damien's father was loading wood into the wood chipper and calling Damien names, Damien picked up a branch off the ground and started beating his father over the head with the branch until his father was dead. Damien picked his father’s bludgeoned body off the ground and fed his body into the wood chipper until his father's body was nothing more than a bloody pile of small pieces of bone fragments, shreds of clothing and some hair mixed in. Damien's body was splattered with his father's blood. Damien's mother came to where Damien and his father were working to ask her husband something.  As she laid eyes upon Damien she said, "Damien, why is there blood all over your body." Damien replied, "Mother it's ok, I did it for us. He was no good." Damien's Mother said, "But I loved him Damien. How could you do this to me." Angry words were exchanged back and forth. Damien and his mother got into a struggle and Damien's mother lost her balance and she fell to the ground hitting her head on a rock killing her. Damien came over crying, trying to comfort his mother but she was dead. Damien picked his mother's dead body off the ground and saying to himself "Mother I only wanted us to be together and I knew my father was a bad man and he needed to be disposed of."

"Since you didn't listen to me I think it's only proper that you join him,” said Damien.

Damien fed his mothers dead body into the wood chipper and buried the remains of his father and mother. Damien cleaned the wood chipper so no evidence would be found. After Damien was through cleaning the wood chipper he headed back to the house to clean up. Damien knew if he hung around too long he would have a lot of explaining to do to the police. Damien packed a suitcase and took cash from his fathers’ wallet and his mothers’ purse, then proceeded to hitchhike out of town. Damien was dropped off at some hole in the wall motel. Damien told the clerk at the motel he needed a place to stay for a day or so, so he could finish up a project he had been working on for some time.

Later on that night as Damien was returning from getting a drink out of the coke machine, he noticed a man and woman who had a little too much to drink. Damien was watching as they were entering their room that was next door to his room. Damien approached the man and woman and told the woman that the man she was with didn't care about her and just thought of her as just a piece of meat. The man and woman told Damien to mind his own business. This just angered Damien that nobody cared what he had to say especially the woman, because every woman Damien came in contact with reminded him of his mother. The women's faces would fade in and out with his mother’s face, so Damien would try to shut them up but all they would do is scream bloody murder. Damien pulled out a hunting knife and stabbed the man repeatedly then turned towards the woman and her face was changing to his mothers face.  As the woman was pleading for her life, all Damien heard was the voice of his mother telling him "why are you doing this to me, I loved him." Damien replied, "Mother, I did it for us. That man doesn't love you. We are all that matters." The woman ran away screaming, but Damien wasn't going to let her get away. Damien chased her through the woods calling his mothers’ name. The woman tripped over a log and fell to the ground and Damien caught up with her and stabbed her repeatedly, then buried her in a shallow grave.

When Damien returned back to the motel where he was staying the police were waiting for him. Damien was not in his right state of mind, so he forgot he had blood stains all over his white shirt and also forgot to dispose of the hunting knife. Blood was on his hands and the knife he was carrying. Luckily a guest at the motel was peeking through the curtains and saw the murder take place and immediately phoned the police. Damien was read his rights, handcuffed, put in the squad car and headed down to headquarters for further questioning. Officer Denny asked Damien why he killed those two innocent people and Damien said, "I did it for mother so we could be together, but she said she loved him more than me, so I had to kill her." Officer Denny replied, "What do you mean you did it for your mother? I did a little checking up on you and just found out that your mother and father were murdered."

"My mother is not dead, you're lying to me,” said Damien.

"Damien, did you kill your parents too,” said officer Denny.
"My father was a bad man. He made me work out in the hot sun from sun up to sundown without a break or water and called me all kinds of names. I just couldn't take it anymore, so I hit him from behind with a tree branch. Then I fed his body into the wood chipper and just as his feet were hanging out of the wood chipper my mother saw his feet and started yelling at me saying, "why did you do this to me I loved him." I told her I did it for us so we could be together and not have that bad man in our lives anymore. But we got into a struggle and my mother lost her balance and fell down and hit her head on a rock, but she was already dead, so I just picked her body off the ground and fed her body into the wood chipper. Then I hitched a ride out of town and wound up at this hole in the wall motel and killed these two people. But I did it for mother,” said Damien.

Officer Denny said, "Well, I think I've heard enough,” Damien, do you have a lawyer?

"No, officer Denny,” replied Damien.

"Well, Damien, one will be appointed to you,” said officer Denny.

Damien was escorted to a holding cell awaiting word back from his appointed lawyer when his trial would begin for the murders of his parents and the young couple at the motel. Within twenty-four hours a trial date was set for October 31. Damien had to sit in jail for three more weeks without bond until the trial. Three weeks came by like a blink of an eye and there sat Damien in the court room with just his lawyer and no parents because they were both dead and he had no siblings because he was their only child. After four hours of deliberation the jury reached a verdict of guilty of first degree murder of his father and the young couple and second degree murder for his mother. The judge sentenced Damien to life in a mental institution because the evidence was overwhelming, so Damien was declared insane. Damien was escorted to Killingdale’s Asylum where he would be spending the rest of his life for killing his parents and the young couple.

Ten years had passed by and Damien was ready to break out of Killingdale’s asylum and fire up the wood chipper on his father's farm. Damien felt like today was a perfect time to break out of the asylum because of the storm and no guards would be patrolling the grounds of the asylum. Damien went down to the basement of the asylum and rummaged through a tool box and stumbled across some wire cutters.

"This is perfect. I won't have any problem cutting through the fence when I escape" said Damien.

Damien put the wire cutters in his pants pocket and quietly walked up the stairs and right past the guards that were playing cards. Damien couldn't believe the guards forgot to set the alarm and the dogs that are used to guard the asylum's grounds were put in their pen because of the storm. Damien slowly opened the front door and quietly shut the door behind him and hurried down the steps to the fence in the pouring rain and cut his way through the fence and ran to the road in hopes a car passing by would give him a ride back to his father's farm. Finally, thirty minutes later a truck was in Damien's sight and he flagged down the truck and the truck pulled over. The driver asked where he was going and Damien replied, "back to my father's farm about thirty miles down the road." "No problem,” said the driver.

Damien didn't have any transportation so he decided when the driver reached the farm he would have to kill the driver. This would give Damien a means of transportation to get back and forth to pick up victims for the wood chipper.

"This is it, this is my fathers’ farm,” said Damien.

Damien tossed something out of his shirt pocket on the floor board where the driver was sitting. Damien said, "I'm sorry." The driver said, "I'll get it for you." As the driver bent over to pick it up, Damien stabbed the driver in the neck, head and back till the driver’s body went limp. Damien took the drivers body out of the truck and threw his dead body in the back of the pickup and drove through the corn field until he spotted the wood chipper. Damien was excited that he got his first victim and ready to fire up the wood chipper. Damien lowered the tail gate on the pickup truck and grabbed the dead driver’s body by the ankles and pulled the body from the bed of the pickup truck onto the ground. Damien checked the wood chipper to make sure it had enough gas in it, but the gas tank was bone dry. Damien got into the pickup truck and went to the barn to get some wood and a gas can to build a fire because it was getting pretty dark outside. Damien wanted to see his wood chipper in action as he fed the body parts into the wood chipper. Damien threw some wood, gas can in the back of the pickup truck then drove back to where he left the drivers body to get some cash from his wallet so he could pay for the gas he had to put in the gas can. Damien drove to the gas station, filled up the gas can and headed back to the farm to gas up the wood chipper.

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