"Rhys Hughes seems almost the sum of our planet's literature... As well as being drunk on language and wild imagery, he is also sober on the essentials of thought… He's as tricky as his own characters... He toys with convention. He makes the metaphysical political, the personal incredible and the comic hints at subtle pain. Few living fictioneers approach this chef's sardonic confections, certainly not in English." — MICHAEL MOORCOCK

"Hughes' world is a magical one, and his language is the most magical thing of all." — T.E.D. KLEIN

It’s a crime that Rhys Hughes is not as widely known as Italo Calvino and other writers of that stature. Brilliantly written and conceived, Hughes’ fiction has few parallels anywhere in the world. In some alternate universe with a better sense of justice, his work triumphantly parades across all bestseller lists.” — JEFF VANDERMEER

Rhysop’s Fables is very personal... personal as in the sense of epitomising the author, as I might describe Vertigo as Hitchcock’s most personal film...” — RAMSEY CAMPBELL

"Rhys Hughes is an accomplished player with words, plots, effects, relationships, sensibilities; you name it, Hughes tries to stand it on its head. More often than seems attributable to mere chance, he succeeds." — ED BRYANT, LOCUS

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