This first part is just partial poems, so you could see part of each poem (without the punch lines, naturally) when you viewed a sample on Smashwords. If you search for the word “realbook” in the document, it will take you immediately to the beginning of the real book, where the complete poems start!

12.5 CENTS A LAUGH (23 Funny Poems)

By Jay Jana

©2010 JJANA


Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson went out camping one fine day.

Into the Blue Ridge Mountains, yea, they hiked a long, long way.

They set up camp, cooked some grub and gobbled down their fill

Then laid back for some shut-eye in the evening dark and still.

Now some time later Holmes awoke and opened up his eyes;

Saw stars in countless thousands stretched across the open skies.

He woke his “pard;” Said, “Take a look! Now what can you divine?”

Thinks Doc, “Don’t matter what I say; here comes that stupid line.”

Element’ry, My dear Watson!

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