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Rise of the Zombies

Drac Von Stoller

Copyright 2012 by: Drac Von Stoller

Smashwords Edition

During the 1700's, Black Beard's ship, the "Queen Anne's Revenge" ran aground at the entrance to Beaufort inlet and wasn't discovered until hundreds of years later. During an expedition of the sunken ship "The Queen Anne's Revenge," something went terribly wrong, but the effects of that incident would not be felt until years later when a barrel of an unknown substance was tossed overboard during the expedition. The barrel took several years to erode, but when it did that's when all hell broke loose. The substance oozing out of the barrel on the ocean floor brought Black Beard and his men to life as zombies, causing them to become hungry for flesh and surface to the top of the ocean and head inland for flesh.

It was your typical sunny calm day on the seas, when Dan Spelding and his son were fishing about a hundred yards from where the Queen Anne's ship ran aground. All of a sudden Dan's son Jimmy yelled out "Dad! I think I caught a big one." Dan turned the motor of the boat off and tossed over the anchor. Dan ran to the front of the boat to help his son Jimmy reel the big one in, but the big one wasn't a fish it was something that should have been left in the ocean.

As Jimmy's father took over reeling in the big one, they noticed air bubbles, lots of them coming to the top of the surface. They didn't think much about them because they were too busy focusing on getting this big fish in. Dan finally got what he thought was a fish to the surface and said to his son, "I don't think this is a fish, Jimmy, Oh my God it's a man’s body." As Dan was pulling the man’s body onto the boat the man grabbed Dan’s arm and said "Ye Matey! I've been in the sea a long time and I'm really hungry."

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