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Naughty or Nice

I rolled my eyes at my twin sister a she let her tongue wrap around the long red straw, sliding upward before she licked the tip seductively. The two guys sitting on the other side of the bar, both stared, smiling appreciatively as she took a long slow drink of her margarita. I was used to the attention she got when we went out, but it still annoyed me that it was never me going home with a random guy’s number.

We looked exactly alike physically: long stick straight blond hair, wide green eyes, heart shaped faces…. Even our bodies were identical. We both had full C cup breast, tiny waists and shapely hips. Long legs that set us at 5’10’’ made us both model material, but neither of us had chosen that path, and that is where our similarities ended. Eight years of college had landed me with a master’s degree in investment banking, my job as a chief financial officer at a highly affluent firm here in the city, my life now. Because I was a woman in an office full of egotistical men I had to work twice as hard as they did to keep the respect I’d earned when I first started. It was something that my sister had never had to worry about, her job as a stripper, stress free and netting her about the same amount that I made in a year. We were supposed to be having a girl’s night, but I could see already that I’d probably end up being the designated driver for her and whichever guy she chose to take home to the apartment we shared.

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