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A Very Dirty Business

Dedicated to Melodie, Lucy, Luke and Little Lliam.



These are a set of ‘WHAT IF?’ stories. I have written them to stretch your imagination and your awareness. I hope they give you pleasure, food for thought and change your perception about you, your world, and your safe little place in it.

My writing style and method may seem different to you. I have read (in numerous cases, tried to read) so many books, only to be sent to sleep or put off by over descriptive meandering that, when analysed, really has nothing to do with the story or the plot, rather just to do with the author’s imaginings of his literal, descriptive skills, even to do with ‘bulking’ a book out a bit. Both I and other avid readers I know personally tend to get very vexed with these ‘over-stretched books’ telling me nothing and just wasting my time.

My philosophy is: if you give a man who can read music a Stradivarius, it doesn’t mean that you will get a good tune. But if that man has a seed of inspiration to explore and a need to express his inspiration through his music, then you have something worth listening to.

Writing is always an opportunity to educate the reader. It is also for me, personally, an art of imagination, an opportunity for expression and concepts. I believe it is how the imagination and a few words are used to capture an idea, then to project that idea to a reader, to get an inquisitive mind working and in doing, stopping that inquisitive mind dismissing a concept, an idea, and putting down an unread book. If I have done just that, then I have created something!

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