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Cover art by: Jonathan Paul DelleCave

Author’s photograph by: Elizabeth Anne DelleCave

This story is based on true events. Supporting characters and locations are fictitious and the product of the author’s imagination and not intended to resemble any persons living or dead, businesses or localities. Any such similarities are purely coincidental.


To Mary, the true love of my life, whose constant encouragement has made this work possible. By my side for the last thirty years, her unconditional love has become my model.


My deepest gratitude to Mike DelleCave, Pete Rhodes my brothers and irreplaceable friends, and to Kathryne DelleCave, mother of my beautiful granddaughter, and the best daughter-in-law a parent could have. Finally, Mary DelleCave who spent hours correcting, reading and advising me in this process.

I would also like to thank the following people who endured reading my first draft:

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