Book One of the Satisfaction series of Novellas

(Cara and Gray)



"You have got to be kidding. Reggie, I don't think I can do this." Caramia Kensington stared at her best friend, wondering how Reggie had gotten mixed up in this crazy idea. "It doesn't feel right."

"Come on, Cara. It’s for Sam. Cut him a little slack, would you?" Regina Baker faced Cara, hands on her hips, looking like she was ready to do battle on Sam’s behalf.

"That’s what is making me so uncomfortable. Setting up a seduction scene for a stranger is one thing. But Sam? He's almost like my brother."

"And exactly why you should go all out on this one. Spare no expense. Sam can afford it, and he deserves it."

"And this doesn’t bother you at all?" Cara had always thought Reggie had a thing for Sam, but she maybe she was wrong.

Reggie shook her head, making the crop of short red curls bounce around her face. "Nope, not at all. Unless the woman breaks his heart. Then I’d be upset. Besides, Sam and I are just buddies. He has no interest in me."

Cara noticed Reggie didn’t say she had no interest in Sam, but she let it slide. She knew all about unrequited love. She lived with it every time she ran across Gray Montgomery with one of his tanned, athletic blondes hanging on his arm.

Cara sighed. "Fine. I’ll take Sam’s job. And you’re right. He can well afford anything I come up with, so I’ll do it up in style and charge him accordingly. Maybe he’ll pass the word along to his rich friends."

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