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The Perfect Prom Date

by Marysue G Hobika

Smashwords Edition.

Copyright © 2012.


The Birth of the 10 Steps to Getting the Perfect Prom Date

If you googled “Prom Dates,” which then led you to this blog, it was no accident. It was fate! I wrote this blog especially for you. If you’re seeking a date to the prom, and not just any date, but “the date”, then this blog will help you get exactly that! How can I say that with such confidence? I invented the following 10 easy steps to getting the perfect prom date. If they worked for me, then they’ll work for you too. Allow me to explain.

See, I was determined to go to my senior prom. I wasn’t going to miss it and it was only a few short months away. I’d been dreaming about it since freshman year. The dress, the strappy high hells, the matching purse, and of course the flawless makeup and manicured nails. However, there was one tiny little problem. I didn’t have a date.

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