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Memories of Murder

By Chloe Gallagher

Copyright 2012 Chloe Gallagher

Smashwords Edition

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

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I leant back sighing and reached for my coffee mug. I had spent three days straight hunched over my computer, scouring the internet for information about Jack the Ripper. My latest Uni assignment was to profile a character from English history and I had ambitiously chosen the most mysterious of all. Unfortunately, I was quite out of my depth and was cursing myself for aiming so high, panicking about the impending deadline.

I drained the cold dregs of my coffee and sloped off to the kitchenette. I poked the kettle on and as I waited for the water to boil, noticed the clock reading 4am. I would have to get some sleep soon. I could stretch the material I did have and embellish the rest with a little poetic licence. I was worried about attaining a low grade, so, with a renewed vigour, I returned to my search.

I had plenty of information about the actual murders, but needed to know about his motivation. Why would he want to commit so many of these gruesome murders? How did he evade capture? Surely the whole area must have been on the lookout for a shadowy prostitute predator?

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