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Indulgence with the Priest

Sofia Bane

Copyright 2012 Sofia Bane

Smashwords Edition

Jacob barely had the time or patience to lock himself inside a bathroom stall before his hand stroked his hard cock through the thin khaki fabric of his trousers. He really was too old to be getting uncontrollable hard-ons in class now – he was nineteen, not thirteen – but today Father Gio had come to his history class to give a guest lecture. Jacob’s hips bucked as he unzipped, pressing his hot and eager cock into his palm, as he thought of the priest: young, maybe thirty, with a smooth golden complexion and a clearly muscular chest under his cassock. Father Gio, who had been the chaplain since Jacob entered the small private college last year, who always had a vibrant smile and careless touch on his shoulder or arm, just for Jacob. Jacob squeezed his eyes shut as he thrust into his warm and tight palm, imagining that the grip was not his own but his priest’s.

He was bent nearly double, pressed up against the wall of the stall, with the intensity of the tightness in his belly. His cock was velvety in his hand and slick with pre-cum. All he fucking wanted was to be touched by him, less carelessly this time and certainly less innocently, to have his biceps gripped and their chests pressed together, hot breath on his collarbone and the deep grinding of their pelvises. Anything to relieve the hot ache inside of him. In his mind, he vividly saw Gio thrusting into him, with strong hips and glistening golden skin. His fantasized thrusting matched the pulsations that now rocked his body to its core. His breathing quickened and became ragged. Every muscle of his body tightened: in his back, his legs, his forearms, his abs. Imagining Gio’s likewise musculature, his broad and beautiful chest and strong arms. Jacob only let one thought cross his mind: God, if only I could make him cum like this. This intense desire shot from his mind’s eye straight to his cock, and with a final hard thrust of his velvety member, his body rocked and his breath caught in his throat as he came. The sensation came in waves, pulses of deep, throbbing, sweet relief.

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