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The old coal burning locomotive pulls into the station

and stops. After the released steam clears away the name of

the station can be seen, ST. LOUISE. The station attendant

walks out and places the two steps below the open door of the


An attractive lady, fashionable dressed in ruffles and

high buttoned shoes, steps down from the train in a

sophisticated manner. Autumn walks into the station and up to

the ticket agent.

“Where is the livery stables located?”

“Its about six hundred feet west down the boardwalk.”

She walks down the street glancing in the windows of the

stores. People walking, riding horses, riding in buggies and

wagons make up most of the traffic on the dirt street. She

passes a saloon and a rinky tink piano can be heard as two

cowboys stagger out through the swinging doors. One of the

cowboys takes his hat off and makes a sweeping bow to her.

The other cowboy strikes him on the chin with his fist and

says “I saw her first.”

The two men become entangled in a fight and roll off the

boardwalk into the dirt. She walks on as if she never saw


She approaches the attendant at the livery stable and

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