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The Enigmatic Pearl:

The Jeweled Worlds - Book 2


Linda Jordan


~The Enigmatic Pearl

~About the Author

The Enigmatic Pearl

Chapter 1 - Nakia

Nakia felt the energy shift in her body, gaining her a small increase of power, as the ship passed through the portal. The Meridian had floated them into the world of the Enigmatic Pearl. Into the Shadowlands which bordered the sea on both sides. The land appeared to be in eternal twilight. Far ahead, white light radiated across the sky.

The ship rocked beneath her and she smiled as plans solidified in her mind.

Angus came to her side and asked, “Nakia, do you know where we are?”

She smiled as the wind blew hair into her eyes, “We are in the Enigmatic Pearl’s realm now. What fun we will have possessing this world.” Her half-sister’s world.

He nodded.

Lord Montaine bellowed from the upper deck, straining to be heard above the snapping sails, “Your Majesty, which way should we go?”

Nakia turned to him, slightly irritated that he couldn’t see the obvious answer, but she remained polite, for the time being. It was his ship and crew, after all. “Towards the light.”

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