The Death of a Writer

Drac Von Stoller

Copyright 2012 by: Drac Von Stoller

Smashwords Edition

Daniel always dreamed of being an aspiring author that would make him the envy of every horror fiction writer. Daniel was an avid horror reader that knew every character in his books. Daniel loved to show off to his friends about how much he knew about the characters he read about in his books. Daniel's life was about to change very soon. Daniel liked to read his horror books down in the family crypt. Daniel would say to himself "If I'm going to be a famous author what better place for me to be inspired, the family crypt. Daniel would spend hours down in the family crypt reading book after book until his eyes were too heavy to see what he was reading.

One night when the wind was blowing and the trees were swaying back and forth Daniel felt inspired and told his parent's that he wanted to spend the night in the family crypt. Daniel's parent's weren't big horror fans, but if Daniel feels that spending the night in the family crypt will inspire him to write, then so be it. Daniel thanked his parent's for being so understanding. Daniel's parent's packed him some food and gave him a lantern and sleeping pack so he would be comfortable during the night. Daniel's father walked with him to the family crypt so he could make sure Daniel was safe.

"Daniel if you need anything, just call me on your cell phone,” said Daniel's father.

"Don't worry father, I'll be alright, it's only for a night,” said Daniel.

"See you in the morning," said his father.

"Goodnight, father," said Daniel.

Daniel's father locked the door to the family crypt and went back to the house to get some rest for the night. Daniel said, "This place looks a little creepy, hope no one comes out to get me while I'm sleeping." Daniel put his sleeping bag on the floor, sat down opened up his favorite collection of horror stories,"31 Horrifying Tales from The Dead" by author Drac Von Stoller.

As Daniel was reading one of the stories called "Necronomicon," a light was peering underneath one of the doors in the crypt. The room where the light was shining through was where journals were kept for any relative's to read about their loved ones that had passed on. Daniel said, "I was just getting into the story. I guess I'll put it down and see what the light in the room is all about." Daniel got up off the floor and cautiously approached the door and took a deep breath and slowly turned the door knob. The door made a creaking noise as he slowly opened the door. Daniel steps inside the room and didn't notice anything strange right off until he started to turn around and head back into the family crypt. There was a strange looking book that had just fallen off of the book case. Daniel went over to pick the book off of the floor. Daniel said "What a strange book." Daniel clutched the book in his hands and blew off the dust from the cover. The more the book rest in Daniel's hands the more the book felt as though it was coming alive. The book was getting really warm, so Daniel dropped the book on the floor which made him a little fearful of the books power. As Daniel started walking towards the door he noticed the door was not getting any closer. Daniel started running faster and faster as his heart was pounding out of his chest.

"It's no use," said Daniel.

"No matter how hard I try to reach the door my hand can't reach the door knob said, Daniel."

Daniel stopped running and bent over clutching his knees trying his best to catch his breath.
Daniel turned towards the book, and noticed it was glowing bright red and orange as though the book was on fire.

Daniel said, "Well since I'm not getting anywhere I might as well see what this book is all about."

Daniel picked the book off the floor and noticed a pentagram on the front cover of the book.

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