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Day 1:

The world as we know it, is over...

Something is happening all over the world. People are getting sick, they are dying, and then they are coming back to life. Once they come back, they try to kill everything and everyone they see.

Dad had been bitten by a guy at the hardware store yesterday. A guy came into the store and started attacking everyone in it. Dad tried to stop him, but the asshole took a big chunk out of Dad’s arm with one bite. Dad tried to claim that it wasn’t bad, but the sickness took him within hours of getting bit. He began coughing up blood almost immediately, and it just got worse from there.

The news said to quarantine anyone who was sick. But my parents never trusted the news, so being told that a bite or scratch could infect and kill you wasn’t something they took to heart. Dad wasn’t quarantined, he wasn’t locked in a room, he was left on the couch…and that is where he died...only to come back moments later and try to kill my Mom.

Our neighbor Art heard the screams and ran over to help, and shot my Dad in the head with his rifle. Art said that this isn’t the first one he’s killed. I asked Art how he could kill one of his best friends without hesitation. He told me that thinking about it wasn’t an option.

The dead are coming back to life. How is this possible?

Mom is hysterical and has locked herself in her room. I can hear her sobs all the way down in the living room.

Art and I dragged Dad’s body into the garage, and tomorrow we are going to burn his corpse. They say its the only way to be sure that he’s dead.

The other day in school we were given the assignment to keep a blog of our daily life for at least a month. We were supposed to turn the assignment in to our teacher tomorrow, and I waited until now to start writing down my thoughts and experiences.

So let me introduce myself, my name is Nick, I’m 17 years old, and I'm just trying to survive...

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