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The Time Had Come

“You are ... the One?” Jared managed. He was relieved to see the One was a normal-sized man—finding him a real giant would terrify Jared more than he was already.

The One did not answer.

Jared waited uncomfortably.

“Are you,” he asked with a little more confidence, “the son of Bren Zor and the true One? I have traveled far to find you.”

The dark image shifted a little, but remained silent.

Jared felt a spark of anger come to life inside of him. Why didn’t he answer? Why was he hiding back here in the shadows when he had the Blue Crystal and should be out challenging Mal Zor and freeing the slaves? Jared drew a cautious breath and asked him.

The One didn’t answer.

Jared frowned. “What’s wrong with you?” he demanded. “People are dying, waiting for you. Why aren’t you doing something?”

The Blue Crystal

By Melissa Bowersock

Copyright 2009 by Melissa Bowersock

Smashwords Edition

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