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Also, thank you to my father, Cyrus Gordon. Without you, I simply would not be. Without you, these books would have never been written. You have loved me unconditionally and been there when I needed you most. You are my guardian angel. I love you, Daddy.

And, finally, to the readers. I can’t thank you enough for giving a little book called Blood Warrior a try. You have been enormously kind and accepting, and allowed me to live my dream. I love you all.




They say that change happens over time.  I think change happens in rapid moments, moments that are as unpredictable as love, as fleeting, and moments that possess you, rather than the other way around.

I know what I am. I happen to believe that I was born with certain… inclinations. But I also know that when I woke up this morning I was something entirely different from what I am now. This morning I was something that was in no sense of the word pure, but also not lost, which is what I have become. One of those moments stole any remnant, any hope that I could defeat my inclinations, that I was not fated, that I was, in perhaps some macabre way, mostly good.

What remains now is no longer a question of whether I can overcome my inclinations, but rather a question of redemption.

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