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Chapter 1

You have such a boring life, Mini. Honestly, don’t you ever look out the window and wish you were out there in the thick of the galaxy, rather than stuck in here with space bums and GAMs?”

I spread my mouth wide in the nervous smile I was used to giving Claudia – all teeth, no lips. “Oh, I don’t know. It’s okay here, I guess.” I gestured at the packed diner before us. Humans and aliens shoveling down their food with differing degrees of coordination; it wasn’t paradise, but it would make for a manageable hell.

Claudia, with her perfect human features, groaned. Her brown eyes flickered, her mouth pulled tight, and her thick brown ponytail fell limp over a shoulder. “You are so boring for a halfy.”

Ah yes, a halfy.

I ignored Claudia and moved around her to a waiting customer. He was a big guy – a bull Crag if I wasn’t mistaken. He towered over the two Galactic Army soldiers (GAMs for short) who sat to the side of him. He sure looked hungry.

Crags were a big race, all tough lizard skin, muscle, and bone. They found their trade as mercenaries, security, or general brawn. There weren’t too many creatures who would be happy to take on a charging Crag, gun or not. They had a reputation for being to the point, gruff, and sloppy. Most of the other girls wouldn’t serve them, but I didn’t mind so much. I’d serve anyone who was hungry.

Working in Marty’s Space Diner wasn’t heaven – but it paid the bills and was safer than working planet-side on the colonies.

Meat.” The Crag’s massive, brick-like hands pounded on the bar.

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