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What Others are Saying about The Two Week Lucid Dreamer

“I am proud to report my first lucid experience :) after 7 days of following your course!”

-Eve M.

“I hadn't had lucid dreams for several years, and decided to give this course a try. I was very pleased, and experienced results within the first week of using The Two Week Lucid Dreamer. Thank you!”

-Jared M.

“I have read some books about Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection before. They are all very wordy and I had to go through a lot of "bla bla bla" before I got to the point that really matters. I found The Two Week Lucid Dreamer very straight to the point and very easy to read and understand.”

-Henrique G.

Lucid Dreaming Starter Handbook

By Derek Ralston

Copyright 2012 Derek Ralston

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Lucid Dreaming 101

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