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Steel & Silk:

Men and Women who Shaped Syria 1900–2000

Sami Moubayed

© Sami Moubayed 2006

Published by Cune Press at Smashwords

Steel & Silk

Men and Women who Shaped Syria 1900–2000

By Sami Moubayed

Profiles of 341 Syrians who participated in the history of the last century.

Naziq al-Abid, a young woman of 22 who ripped off her veil, picked up a rifle, and ran to join the battle of Maysaloun against French invaders in July 1920.

Faris al-Khury, the Syrian statesman who participated in the founding of the UN in 1945. Khury was the first and only Christian to serve as prime minister of a Muslim country.

Shukri al-Quwatli, the esteemed father of Syrian independence in 1946 - called by many the George Washington of Syria.

Husni Za’im, a military man who, with the backing of the CIA, seized power in a coup d’etat in 1949-the first modern day coup in the Arab world.

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