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Jamaine Johnson


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Copyright © 2012 by Jamaine Johnson

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I pulled the woman onto the shore but she was already dead. The damn dog wouldn't stop barking. Later I would think the dog was crying hysterically. He as well as I had just survived a plane crash. My first thought was this couldn't be happening. People were floating in the ocean and some upon the shore. There wasn't an airplane in sight, only the back part of the fuselage I could see sticking up out of the ocean and scraps of metal scattered all over. The dog kept crying which kept me from shock. I think I ran back down to the edge of the shore to save as many people I could but the first couple were dead. So I swam out yelling as I went for the survivors to come to me. They must couldn't have heard me. No one came. I spent the entire day looking for survivors. When the sun began to kiss the horizon I came out of the ocean drenched. I knew I needed shelter. I staggered further onto the land. I wasn't sure if it was an island I hadn't seen any land on board. I had taken the red-eye from Paris to New York. We had been in flight for a few hours when the plane seemed to plunge downward like the Seat of Doom at Magic Springs. There were many bodies still in the ocean, floating further out into choppy waters or washing up onto the shore. They were all dead. I was sure of it. The dog and I slept in a grove of bushes. I woke with the sun and went back down to the shore to search for survivors. Buzzards had invaded the area. Feasting on kids, men and women. I charged at them screaming and yelling to get outta here. I sat down for a moment and thought I should bury the bodies that would at least stop the buzzards from eating them while they were dead but that would take all day. I could see ten or more bodies now. It seemed there had been more than that before I had slept. Maybe the tide had washed some out into the ocean. I figured rescue would be on the way soon. Communication had to have been lost when the plane went down and that was many hours ago. After looking out into the ocean seeing nor hearing anything but birds I decided to venture off to explore but not too far just in case a rescue team appeared. I made my way through the trees. They weren't very tall. I kept hoping to see some bananas or some coconuts, hell anything edible but I did not. I kept walking straight with the ocean to my back. I'm not sure when but the dog had finally come back and was padding along beside me. I had completely forgotten I wasn't alone. Would he know not to drink salt water? This was bad. I walked for what seemed like an hour, not really thinking just walking. One hour turned into two, two to three until I decided nothing was here and I would turn back. I peered up into the sky. There was not a sign of rain. It couldn't get any worse could it? As far as I could see there was an endless supply of trees in front of me. There did not seem to be any break of any sort up ahead. As we turned back I began talking to the dog. It had a collar around its neck. I bent down and took a look, it read Mischievous. I talked of my desire of asian women, however I did love my girlfriend of three years even though she wasn't asian and had grew up in a housing project in Little Rock, Arkansas. She had grew up around drunks, child molesters and crack heads that would steal you a cd player from Wal-Mart for five dollars. It was a hard life like many others experienced every single day. I spoke of my desire to finish college and receive my bachelors degree in Computer Science. After about thirty minutes I was sure we were lost, everything looked the same.

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