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Train Talk

By Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2012 Kate Everson

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The train was pulling into the station. The mighty iron horse whistled as it arrived, and the passengers grabbed their luggage and hurried onto the platform.

One man stood apart from the rest. He had a red bulbous nose, baggy pants and a funny straw hat with a fake yellow flower.

“He looks like a clown,” thought Rebecca.

She couldn’t stop staring. She knew it wasn’t polite. A little boy ran by, pulling at his mother’s arm, and laughed at the man.

The man didn’t seem to notice. He waited patiently for all the people to get on the train, then picked up his old brown suitcase and climbed up the metal steps. He was right behind Rebecca.

In fact, he sat down right beside her.

“Oh, hello!” she smiled, trying to be pleasant.

He said nothing.

The man looked down at his shoes. They were worn and had holes in them. Dirt was caked on the sides, and the shoelaces did not match.

Rebecca looked out the window.

She didn’t want to get into a conversation with this strange man, who obviously was a bit odd. Maybe he was an evil clown! She smirked at the thought. Too many horror movies.

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