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Hannibal the


Hannibal the Conqueror, a story about General Hannibal the ruler of Carthage who

took his troops through the Alps to battle the Roman troops, sword battles,

blazing action, adventures, characters' interactions, a historical thriller.


There was an age where kingdoms laid across the continent of Africa and other parts of

the world. Some kingdoms were rich with gold, silver, spices. Hannibal and his father

Hamilcar conquered many. With some of the resources, they expanded their army.

Hannibal was born in Carthage. He was the commander of Carthage’s army during and

before the second Punic war which started in 218 B.C. and ended 201 B.C. He started the

war by attacking Saguntum which was a city occupied by Roman forces. He was a war

strategic, a great communicator, clever, sturdy and brown skinned with curly hair (Similar

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