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The Adventures of Riley Raccoon

Written by William Trelawny

Illustrated by Robin Ayers and William Trelawny


Copyright 2012 William Trelawny.

Illustrations Copyright 2012 Robin Ayers

Smashwords Edition

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be copied or sold.


To Robin, my illustrator, love, and inspiration for this book; whose greatness could never be expressed in mere words.

Chapter 1

Riley Raccoon was not a very brave little fellow. Of all the other kits, he was by far the shyest. He much preferred walking by himself in the woods rather than playing with other raccoons his age. And when he did go on walks, he never strayed too far from his den.

Riley would climb the hill and sit atop a great boulder and look out into the valley under the serenity of the moonlight. He would sit for hours up on his great boulder and look over the land, thinking about how many other animals down there haven’t seen this view, and don’t appreciate its beauty. He would look up to the sky and see millions of twinkling eyes smiling down at him, and loved each and every one of them dearly.

Riley would walk down to the river where he would sit on the bank under his favorite tree, a giant weeping willow, and watch the glimmer of fishes’ scales dancing under the moonlight through the dark water. The willow tree provided a happiness he could find nowhere else in the world. He saw it as a great blanket protecting him from all the dangers of the world. He felt safer under his willow tree than even in his own den with his family, and loved it dearly.

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