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Evolution of
Human Intellect

Discover the Information
that Schools and Religions
Aren’t Yet Teaching

by Bert

Copyright 2012 by L.N. Smith
All rights reserved
Smashwords Edition

Cover photography supplied by NASA, courtesy of

This book and its author and publisher are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Walt Disney Company.



Chapter 1: Circle-Vision 360
Chapter 2: The First Hominins
Chapter 3: The First Humans
Chapter 4: The First Modern Humans
Chapter 5: The First Villagers
Chapter 6: The First Writing
Chapter 7: The Fall from Grace
Chapter 8: The Ancient Greeks
Chapter 9: The High Schoolers
Chapter 10: The Hippies
Chapter 11: The Worldcentrics
Chapter 12: The Wonderful World of Disney
Chapter 13: The Shells of Ignorance
Chapter 14: The Big Picture
Chapter 15: The Skywalk
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