Cannabis Cures Cancer?

by Steven Hager

copyright 2012 by Steven Hager

Published by Steven Hager at Smashwords

EPUB ISBN: 978-1-4657-6793-6

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Rick Simpson holds a vial filled with cannabis oil.


It’s hard to believe cancer was once a rare thing in this world. One of the first explosions in the disease seems to have coincided with the rampant use of chemical fertilizers on tobacco fields. These chemicals sop up heavy metals, especially Polonium, the same radioactive poison used to murder Soviet spy Alexander Litvinenko after he defected in London. The nasty and poorly kept secret is cigarettes are filled with Polonium, and it didn’t used to be this way before the chemical industry took over the world. When I first met Jack Herer, Polonium in cigarettes was one of his primary issues, along with the corruption of the Old Testament and uncovering its hidden meanings. But shortly before Jack died, he called me up and asked me to do a story on Rick Simpson.

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