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Dirty Money

A Brief History of Banking

by Steven Hager

copyright 2012 by Steven Hager

Published by Steven Hager at Smashwords

EPUB ISBN: 978-1-4661-4919-9

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I think we all agree 9/11 was perpetrated by the world’s biggest drug cartel. The only question remaining is who exactly runs that cartel? If food and energy are the world’s biggest profit streams, generating trillions per year in revenues, illegal drugs may not be far behind. More important, illegal drugs represent the world's largest cash economy, bigger than Walmart. The little-known secret of banking is that some banks depend on this cash to survive, and, in fact, the system can dry up and blow away if major sources of liquidity are suddenly removed. But it wasn't always this way. To understand the depth of corruption in today's banking industry and the systemic use of black market funds, it's useful to have some background in banking history, something few Americans seem to possess. Let’s follow the yellow brick road, shall we?

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