The Dunes in Winter

By Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2012 Kate Everson

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I have come to the dunes in winter to find my soul.

How could I have lost it? I had it once. It was here, among the sandy dunes I had traced my bare footprints backwards and came to my Self.

But now, shrouded in snow, there was no evidence of that. I was lost. Again.

Everywhere, the dunes hid my lost soul. I wanted to shout out to them, “Give it back!”

But who would answer?

There in the soulless dunes, I had to find it myself.

The wind rippled the snow, piling it high in places and low in others. The weeds clung to it. The old turtle nests hid it in their empty burrows, waiting for another hopeful spring. I took off my boots and set them amongst the drifts, and waited too.

Soon spring would come, but would it be too late? Would they find my carcass bleaching among the turtle bones of empty nests?

Could nature be so cruel to me too?

There was no answer in the wind, or in the snow that kept piling up in places I could not go. I laid down my head and wept.

How long I lay there I do not know. I only know that the boots were buried and my soul with it. Oh, how I longed for spring! The warmth of the sun would heal me, I knew that. But now, it was so far away. I did not think I would live that long.

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