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The Water Washing Forest

John Rudram

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 John Rudram.

The Library was thoroughly washed by the brown dust of Earth and the golden rays of Sun. Only two students were sitting in the seventh floor - Archive section. It was a room with a view. These two looked up as a third person walked in.

"Whark, who is the new student?" asked Gary Witter shifting in his wooden desk.

"Think of him as a contemporary Maximus. His name is Rad Dowler. A graduate in environmental engineering from Quark University, Honeyland. He undertook dramatic technological expeditions to eradicate water pollution," said Whark Telton.

Rad Dowler moved slowly among the thick book shelves.

"What is he doing in the Archaeology Rack?" Gary was now becoming curious. He had heard a bit about this guy before.

"Don't you remember the much publicised 'Anatomb' expeditions? He covered 800 kms, reconstructing the pollution control board among all the Ten Thousand threatening companies. The Ten Thousand firms were industrial units mainly outside the legal law radar. He put together a marvellous team to capture the throne of the Water Spoilers Empire, around 4 years ago.

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