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The Sorcerer’s Betrayal


Tricia Owens

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Tricia Owens

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"Caledon, catch!"

The blond-haired mercenary flicked out a dagger and deftly speared the thrown apple. He inclined his head at the green-eyed girl beside the fruit cart. "Many thanks, Mistress Alena." He smiled when she blushed, causing the freckles on her face stand out in sharp relief. He took a bite of the apple and approached her. Taking her hand, he pressed some coins into it. "Treat your man to a feast at one of the inns tonight, love. You two deserve a nice night out."

“Oh, Caledon, you don’t need—“

He curled her fingers over the coin. “Sorry, love. Can’t take them back once they’ve left my possession.”

The red-haired girl colored again but nodded.“Thank you, Caledon. You’re a sweetie.”

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