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The advent of the 21st century heralded numerous uncertainties, many of which the global community is still battling or better still, adapting to in hope of finding lasting panaceas. Employers are daily confronting the unprecedented dynamics of globalization and unfavourable economic fluctuations. Many questions are being asked as to whom to blame: the government, the private sector, the youth, or nature? While trying to focus on the solutions, some economic experts have asked more critical questions as to what a lasting solution will entail.

Building on the predicament of the prevalent challenges, a more critical issue will be that of economic inconsistencies, of how the challenges of this decade may likely differ largely from those of the next; leaving the globe is state of dilemma, with just one single question: What ideas will work for tomorrow? Creativities are being birthed; ones that come from reasonable senses of destiny, new innovations and inventions emanate everyday creating more possibilities, but are these able to create the all-awaited changes the world deserve?

My purpose in these pages is simple; to share my ideas on how entrepreneurs and government should balance innovation and creativity while leveraging time-tested practices to bring about sustainable changes to the greatest political and socioeconomic problems in the world. I intend to underline the simplicity of the seemingly complex socioeconomic threats of the next society – an adventure and a stream of symbolic tales of strategic managers. If I do it well—and I will do my best—I believe I will emphatically define the boundaries of the limitless economic progressions – at least for the next two decades.

As much as I do not belabour the undeniable importance of the prevalent management and business principles, It is important that we consider these principles within the contexts of socioeconomic diversity and sustainability.

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