Chapter 1

Lynda Atwood was about to give birth to her third child, but she seemed to be having many complications. Her husband was incredibly worried. For the fourth time in what seemed to be as many days to Brian, Lynda said she felt like she was going into labor. Brian was again taking her back to the hospital to see if she was actually in labor.

Doctor Ryan was telling Brian, “Brian, we’re going to have to induce labor,”

Brian’s imagination went off on a wild goose chase, as he imagined all sorts of potential problems. Questions of all sorts ran through his mind, as he asked, “What will that involve? Will it be dangerous?”

No, it won’t be dangerous. Mostly, it’ll involve a lot of drugs. Don’t you worry, your wife is safe in our hands.”

Thanks, Doc.”

Brian went to sit down on a couch, instead of being with Lynda when she delivered, because the hospital staff decided that Lynda shouldn’t feed off Brian’s nerves. The reasoning was because they didn’t want to cause complications to the birth of the baby. Brian made Lynda nervous the other two times she gave birth, so Brian had never seen his other two children born in person.

In times like these, Brian reminisced about his life so far. He’s thirty-four years old, the middle child of three, married to Lynda, and they had three children, including the one that’s being born. Brian currently worked as a field agent for the FBI in Omaha, after having served as a military policeman at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana. Brian and Lynda were originally from a little tiny town in northern Nebraska, called Delaney. The town was closer to Rapid City, South Dakota, than it was to Nebraska’s state capital. Brian’s grandparents moved there right after his grandfather was mustered out of the Army after Vietnam. The older Atwood wanted to try his hand at farming, which didn’t work out, because he ended up selling John Deere tractors to the farmers in that part of the state.

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