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More Of What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know

by Barry Maz

Published by Barry Maz at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Barry Maz

To my Wife – for her support in the endless hours I spend writing about the ukulele, and for deciding to take the plunge and learn to play herself!

Keep Strumming....

Cover photograph, Koaloha Pikake Soprano Ukulele Headstock – image copyright Barry Maz 2011


A little over twelve months ago I completed writing my first book aimed squarely at ukulele beginners, What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know. In January 2011 it was launched as an ebook and then as a paperback.

It was something that friends had been suggesting that I do for quite some time. They figured that I put so much time into writing the Got A Ukulele blog that surely I could put all my thoughts and advice down in one place that readers could carry around with them. Unsure of exactly how it would pan out I put pen to paper (or rather, fingers to keyboard, but you know what I mean) and launched it. It was a book that seemed to fill a gap in the market – not a ‘how to play’ kind of book, but a guide or handbook for new players to give them the answers to the questions that traditional tutor books seemed to miss.

The response to the book was staggering and humbling in equal measure. Since its launch I have had so many kind words from people saying how much the guide helped them in starting out with the uke. I’ve seen social network comments where people are recommending it to others, and one reader got in touch to tell me he was buying a copy for his mother who wanted to learn to play like him! It went worldwide and ended up turning the book into a bestseller. On a couple of occasions in 2011 the book was the number one selling music book on the Kindle store in the UK (number two on the USA…. dang!), and the number one music reference book in all book categories (paper and ebooks) on the same site. When the book launched the ukulele community was sensing something of a “uke boom” in the year ahead of us, but I didn’t realise just how big a boom it would be.

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