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Personal Powerful Manifestor! Workbook

Use this 7 day journal to ACHIEVE YOUR LIFE GOALS NOW- no more feeling stuck, no more shoulda’s, it’s time to ACHIEVE YOUR LIFE GOALS NOW.


Allow the magic wand to put you in the place of having everything you need to get started. Imagine 24 hours have passed from this very second…. It’s a new day…you awaken… and the money you needed, the time you needed, the resources you needed…..they are here, everything you need in order to ACHIEVE YOUR LFE GOALS NOW , you have now, right now…..What is the very 1st thing you’d do? …now that you have everything you need to ACHIEVE YOUR LIFE GOALS NOW.

Feel free to make adjustments, adding words, taking words away…the key is as you complete this workbook, you can say to yourself I feel good, I feel powerful, I feel connected to my LIFE GOALS, my passion, my life.

I, ______________________________________________, am an awesome _________________________________. It is my purpose. It is who I am. I live with this wonderful creativity everyday. My talents, strengths and abilities make me a great _____________________________. The right contacts and sources are coming to me and I have the talents, strengths and abilities to

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