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Welcome to Jake’s Monthly. It’s time to introduce the fifth volume in this monthly series, where talented authors have written Punk stories of all kinds- from steam to diesel to cyber, and a few you probably haven’t even heard of. Get ready for some strange alternate technologies, because it’s time to begin!

What follows is a short description of the stories in this volume- like the summary on the back of a book. There are no real spoilers, but if you don’t want to know the premises before you read, please skip over the next section.

Cold Portents is by Mike Jansen, and is a great example of an alternate history done well. Make sure to keep on the lookout for more stories set in these worlds.

A Growing Problem by John H. Dromey is a sturdy story in a world of steam and clockwork, where progress looms sinister on the horizon.

The Tick-Tock Heart of StarrBat is another tale by modern bard T. Fox Dunham, which appears in his new Ragtime setting. If you enjoy steampunk-dystopias spiced with the elements of spy novels, be sure to check it out.

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