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John’s Story

It was Saturday afternoon and I was sitting on the couch in the living room after watching the football game. I felt desperate because I did not know what to do about my life.

My insurance sales had dropped during the last year and my company was thinking about to let me go. My wife, Mary, was unhappy in our marriage and was thinking about leaving me. She was away for the weekend visiting her mother.

I cried out for help.

And then something extraordinary happened…

I heard a knock at the back door of my house.

When I went to see who was there, it was a big, friendly man who motioned for me to come outside.

I did not know him but there was something about him that I trusted. Without thinking, I opened the door.

I am Raido and I am from the planet Lemo in the northern sky. We would like to help you find more joy in your life so that you can share joy in the world.

If you like, I can take you there now.”

For some reason, I trusted Raido and after locking the front and back doors, I followed him into a spaceship.

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