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Urban Horro : City Slicker Short Story

by Richard GK Stark


City Slicker

Copyright © 2012 by Richard GK Stark

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The train came abruptly to a halt in the subway of the capital city. Moments later the carriage doors opened and a swarm of office workers – bank clerks, sales men, financiers and marketing personnel – emerged and raced towards their destinations. In amongst the throng was a young, smart, ambitious woman looking just a little bit more sharply dressed than the rest.

Her name was Monique and she worked in the city for one of the top PR Agencies, providing PR to the Fashion Industry, Celebrities and Businesses – pretty well whoever needed it. The lifestyle was hectic as you were often working for several clients at any one time. In the morning you could be meeting a famous sportsman followed by a business seminar the other end of town, then back to head office to begin planning the varying campaigns. She enjoyed the lifestyle, in fact she loved it, and often would not get home until late in the evening. The weekend was the only time she had to relax, and this morning was going to be another busy one.

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