From Harvard to Hagerman

Myron Finkbeiner

Published by Borderline Publishing at Smashwords

Copyright Myron Finkbeiner 2012

To the family of Harry LeMoyne, especially sons, Harry and John and grandson Henri, for their contribution and support they gave the author during the writing of this biography. I hope they gained addititional insight into the amazing life of their father and grandfather. They should be proud of his spectacular athletic career and come to the realization, the distinctive heritage he left to them and the extended family.


Harry Who? Famous Harry’s: Truman, Houdini, Belafonte, Potter? All fascinating personalities, but no! This is about an unknown Harry. This Harry is unwritten, invisible and obscure. This Harry was an adventurer, commoner, countryman and athlete. This is a story about a Harry that flew under the radar and was unknown to fame.

This Harry became a reality in the fall of 1996, while I was attending an International Sports Hall of Fame conference in Vancouver, B.C. At an opening dinner, I sat across the table from Buck Dawson, the Executive Director for the Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Buck, reading my name tag, noticed I was from Idaho. After introductions and pleasantries, he remarked, Do you know we have an Idahoan in our Hall of Fame? I expressed my doubt, knowing Idaho isn’t widely known for producing swimmers and answered, No, I haven’t heard. Who could it be? Dawson answered, His name is Harry LeMoyne and he comes from a small community located on the banks of the Snake River. If I remember right, the village is known for their numerous fish hatcheries.

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