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Vanish (Book One)

By Sonny Daise

Copyright 2012 Sonny Daise

Smashwords Edition

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Chapter 1: Leaving Hell

I stood outside the hell I’d been forced to call home. Nurse Debby stood at my side with all my bags and one unfamiliar one. I held my breath as I waited for my mother’s blue SUV to round the corner. The gates would open, and I would be free—in one sense. I dreaded the glares, the awkward phone calls that would define every relationship. I needed a friend; my best friend was gone. I was accused of killing her. Not even I know the truth but deep down in my heart. Bits of memories remain, just enough to haunt me forever. The pieces that hold the key dissolved as if they were never there. I dreamt of that night as I dreamt of other things that in time came true. I never dreamt that I would be the one to kill her. My mind was a complex thing, ever since I was little, letting me foresee the future, and hiding away the memories that mattered most.

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