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Project “BOLERO”

by Farhad MAMMADOV


Global Unemployees Exchange Organization – Baku office, Azerbaijan

  • Oh, salam, the most respectful…come, come…make yourself at home – it was not a good scenery to see the aged man with filthy and tear clothing having a seat in a glamorous, modern design, fully hi-tech equipped convenient room…It has been almost 30 years that he didn’t sit such a cosy surface.

  • First of all, the most respectful, I want to thank you and congratulate with your brilliant choice thus applying for “Bolero”

  • Bolero? What that means sir?

  • Hmm…- The assistant manager knew the real implication of the word and its meaning that it was just almost randomly selected name for project which had come to the mind of project author while listening to the Bolero called classical piece by Morris Ravel…He was hundred percent sure that, this man won’t even know who the Ravel was…So in order to observe the guidelines regarding customer satisfaction…he tried to cheat this ignorant old Azeri “bum”.

  • Hmm… “B” stands for Big “O” stands for Oldest, “L” stands for Latest, “E” stands for Errors, “R” stands for Rehabilitation and at last “O” means hmm…- he was afraid to say organization…thus there can no how be another organization within this he was working for. But what can such an ignorant man now about structure- he thought and after some hesitations answered – “O” stands for Organization. Big oldest and latest errors rehabilitation organization- that’s how it is.- assistant manager was a pretty quick-witted young guy with egoistic disposition… So he very liked his made-up story and ironically smiled.

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