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Critical Acclaim for Heart Stopper

“This novel breaks barriers between genres. It is a medical drama, a murder mystery, and a love story, but it is so much more than any one of those. It is, more than anything else, a book of beautiful sentences.”

--- Kevin Higgins, author of ‘The Boy with No Face”, “Frightening New Furniture”, and “Mentioning the War: Essays and Reviews 1999-2011”

“Heart Stopper is a book about coming to terms with where you've been and who you are, and emerging with a sense of self more resilient and more open to others. This is what Priya, the main character, has to do, and R J Samuel depicts this process with such empathy that the reader feels encouraged to confront her own life with generosity and gentleness.

R J Samuel is a writer with integrity and skill. She invests herself in every project, and the result is writing that can move and thrill.”

--- Susan Millar DuMars, author of ‘American Girls”, “Big Pink Umbrella”, and “Dreams for Breakfast”

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