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Misery Hall

By: L. Chambers-Wright


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Smashwords Edition


Chapter 1

She was now a felon. If she were caught, she would lose her professional credentials, most of her rights, and there’s no promise she would ever gain anything back, but she knew she was meant to be here. The intuitive urge had to be satisfied. Grace dusted her knees off as she entered the large reception area and stretched back upright. Now, here she was.

The derelict building was everything she imagined it would be, stark, filthy, antiquated… and gorgeous. She paused to catch her breath. The stuffy atmosphere lay heavily across her shoulders. The structure was abandoned and left to rot decades earlier. The stagnated environment reeked of stale hospital air as soon as she entered. It was strange that decades of vacancy didn't completely eliminate those traces of disinfectant. She had no idea Iodoform was such a powerful chemical.

Regardless of any difficulties, she was finally at peace. She felt like she'd come home after a lifetime away, but this was not home. The perplexing emotions didn’t wan just because she finally arrived. She didn't know what waited for her in the old hospital. She only knew she'd been haunted by a place she never entered before in her life. It wasn’t logical.

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